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Imagen de SkyDrive
Approval level: 80%
Updated : 2012-04-26
Downloads this week: 308
Times recommended: 0
Category: Windows Tools
SubCategory: Synchronization
Type: Freeware
Size: 4.780kb.
Language: Program in English or Multilanguage   Program in Spanish Program in italian Program in German Program in French Program in portuguese 

"Access your files from any remote point."

SkyDrive is a program that aims to provide a bridge between your PC, the servers on the platform and the rest of the world. The goal, using the potential of the Internet, is making available to each user access to files stored in your PC (Mac or Windows), from anywhere in the world. And you can download it for free!

With SkyDrive, from now on you have a "magic window" on the desktop of your PC, in which are shown any element targets (pictures, videos, songs, documents, etc), that go through the servers, and from there, will be available to you wherever in the world you are, and from the device you want to use to access your files.

SkyDrive lets you organize your files in as many folders as you need, and access them through any PC with Internet access, phones equipped with Windows Mobile, iPhone, other phones, etc.

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